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Volcanic Ash Composite Decking

From volcanic ash to river stone and everything in between, grey is one of the most popular color choices when selecting composite decking colors for your home. Composite decking can often closely mimic the grooved, grainy texture of natural wood, minus the drawbacks - such as the time and work involved in maintaining real wood decking.

Volcanic Ash Composite Decking

Volcanic Ash composite decking is highly versatile.

It can help create a crisp, modern look to your decking, or give it the gently-weathered appearance of beachy driftwood. Brands like Fusion Decking have options ranging from light grey composite decking shades like River Stone to darker greys like inky Volcanic Ash. No matter what you’re looking for, there is an endless array of tones to consider when building a deck of your own.

Choosing the right shade of grey composite decking is a matter of personal choice. However, there is a wealth of inspiration that can help you bring to life a deck that you’ll enjoy for years to come. Browse through our collection of images featuring gorgeous examples of grey composite decking. Let these ideas serve as a springboard for your next project and see just how versatile grey composite decking can be!

Sophisticated Dining Area

Soft grey composite decking installed on-the-diagonal beneath a bright, white pergola creates an inviting dining space. Black tables and chairs edged in white make for a sophisticated look with ample seating for guests.